Who Was Here?



The first exhibit to open the DePew House was called Who Was Here? Designed specifically for 7th grade students, this assignment can still be used today.


Meet four figures from Orangetown’s historic past: A Young Lady of 1795, A Teenage Girl from 1916, A Soldier from Camp Shanks, 1942 and An Elementary School Student from 1956. Read through the four descriptions and choose one that interests you the most. Think up a question that you would most like to ask this person from the past. State your question at the top of your report – then, answer the question as if you were that historic figure! Write at least a three paragraph answer.



Meet four figures from Orangetown's historic past. Read through the four descriptions and choose one that interests you the most. Using your research skills and a bit of imagination, complete the assignment. Good luck! 


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Dear Young Lady of 1795 – What did you do for fun?

Dear Teenager from 1916 – How would you dress for school?

Dear 1942 Soldier from Camp Shanks – Where did you go to fight?

Dear Student from 1956 – What did you watch on TV?


Find your answers in the text provided or from research on your own. Now have some fun – make something to go with your answer. It could be writing a poem, making a drawing, a map, model or miniature. It could be dressing up as your historic figure, working on a quilt with friends or writing a play. It could be bringing in an actual artifact from the historical period that you had at home – be creative and stay close to the facts. Your work will help us to find out Who Was Here?